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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dedicated To All Blogger Friend And Visitor Of Keluarga Harmoni

I would like to say a 'Big Thank' to all blogger friend all over the globe especially the visitor of this Keluarga Harmoni blog for being my friend over the years. Without you, i'm sure and i wonder if i could sustain to date [01.01.2012]. 

To show my appreciation, let me have your pictures icon to be engraved in this today very entry of mine. You have been following with full support and dedication to me in Keluarga Harmoni.

As far as i can remember since i published this blog on September 2011, thanks to Amymemey for being the first follower of this blog.

To date [01.01.2012],  there are three hundred and one follower of Keluarga Harmoni blog.  And the 301st follower is Missz Mylea. Thank you Missz Mylea. Thanks once again!

The last but not least, a big clap to all follower of KH. See if your icon picture in there ..

Thank For Being My Friend.
Wish You All A Bountiful And Prosperous New Year 2012.


Ismi Ijmi said...


Razifredz said...

salam 2012 seta salam perkenalan, tahniah kpd anda n follow jg. Nice blog here