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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Say No To FGM!

Just now I happened to see the FGM ordeal. What dose the word FGM stand for? As I proceed looking at the clips, it's hurt me a lot. Yes a lot! How does someone especially the female community themself ignore the 'big' hurt feel by the 'tiny' body of a young girl(s) being cut of their private parts. This is what I mean of FGM - FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION ... This is still done in several countries even now days.

Let's have a look the clips below and try ask yourself why and how this still happen ...


Chloebelle said...

it is indeed eye opening to see such practices.I have three girls and for sure i would not like them to experience such.But we cannot do away from what others have been doing centuries ago. They have their belief regarding it.thanks again for the info.

Somoon Gomp said...

Thank for the comment. As I've said in my post, I can feel the great pain and the hurt felt by the victim and what more to victim themself?